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Preclothed x LunelVintage

10 million glasses are thrown away every year in Europe. Starting from this observation, Pauline and Elsa decided to create LunelVintage in 2018 to give a second life to vintage glasses.
LunelVintage renovates glasses from the 1920s to the 1990s considered at the end of their lives. During trips, they carefully handpick and curate them for their design and quality. Often handmade in different countries of Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Autria, Spain, etc.), LunelVintage glasses were manufactured with materials of outstanding quality.
Pauline and Elsa clean, polish and renovate the frames. The solar glasses are then carefully changed by their partner opticians.


LunelVintage solar glasses come without correction. Mounted by their partner opticians, they are certified according to the ISO 12312-1 norm and to the European regulation.
LunelVintage solar glasses are category 2 lenses (mid-tone lenses that offer good-quality sun protection) and category 3 lenses (dark lenses that offer high-quality sun protection). LunelVintage does not offer category 4 lenses since it is not recommended for daily use and is not allowed for driving.
Preclothed x LunelVintage partner to offer a selection of unique and renovated vintage sunglasses with minimalist and timeless aesthetics.

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